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Welcome to Belen Community Care

We proudly deliver quality integrated private mental health care services.

Our private mental health services are performed by specialized and experienced professionals to ensure recovery and an individualized approach for each patient.

Our holistic approach to treatment is offered in a safe and supportive environment utilizing evidence-based treatment, patient education and therapeutic programs.

Professional Team

Our team of professionals is carefully selected and committed to providing comprehensive assessment, treatment and support for people experiencing mental health concerns. We deliver positive patient outcomes for people with acute adult mental health disorders.

Our dedicated and highly qualified team of experienced Consultant Psychiatrists foster a discrete environment ideal for treatment and recovery. Specialized care is provided in the least restrictive environment while maintaining patient safety and confidentiality as a first priority.

Why Choose Us

Belen Community Care is the right choice

Get Back to Your Life
Our mental health services use the latest advances in treatments to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of service available.
24/7 Availability
Whether about therapy options, anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, the admissions process or insurance questions, we are available to answer any questions.
Excellent Quality of Life
We have a variety of social and recreational activities in an appropriate environment that allows our patients to begin their recovery process and improve their quality of life.

Our fundamental Belief

It is our fundamental belief that everyone is deserving and capable of achieving health, happiness, productivity, and personal wellness goals.

It is our mission to ensure our clients achieve optimal levels of wellbeing through the provision of compassionate, innovative and effective behavioral health and wellness services.

It is our vision to be a recognized leader in the promotion and provision of state-of-the-art behavioral health and wellness services in an environment that fosters compassionate care, clinical excellence, innovation, personal and professional growth, workplace satisfaction, and responsible and sustainable business practices.

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