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Anxiety disorders Treatment

What is a Anxiety Disorder?

Everyone can experience worry or fear from time to tome as it is a normal part of living. However, some people are diagnosed as having a anxiety disorder.

If you are experiencing persistent, severe, disabling, worry, fears or stress which is running your enjoyment or life and is affecting your ability to function effectively at work, home, school or other social settings you may have an anxiety disorder.

Service Overview

Belen Community Care can help you overcome your anxiety and start enjoying your life more. Many of these treatments have been developed by our own team, have been very effective in randomized controlled trials, and are subject to high levels of quality control. All our therapists are accredited CBT therapists and receive clinical supervision to ensure the quality of treatment. We have an active service user group who advise us on both research and service provision.

We are a center which treats people whose primary problem is a specific anxiety disorder. We work with people to free them from their anxiety disorder and to improve their quality of life. We provide cutting edge cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) treatment for anxiety disorders, including trauma-focused CBT for PTSD.  Our services are particularly suitable for people with severe anxiety disorders, or those who have not made sufficient progress with CBT locally, or where the local secondary care services are not well developed for people with severe anxiety disorders.

Our well-trained therapists provide evaluation and treatment of anxiety and stress related disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Our staff is composed of well-known experts in psychology and psychiatry who specialize in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. We offer flexible schedules so that you can time your therapy sessions in a convenient way.

Adult Counseling Walk-in Process

No Appointment Needed

An appointment is not required in order to receive care. For this reason, patients do not have to plan out when they can come in. Simply walk in and you’ll be seen.

Licensed Professionals

Our Professionals offer high-quality care. They are licensed and recognized as reputable members of the health care industry.

Family Member

We feel the best way to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers is to treat each and every one exactly as we would treat a member of our own family.

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