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Individual Mental Therapy

What is a Individual Mental Therapy?

Individual therapy is a joint process between a therapist and a person in therapy. It helps with issues that are hard to face alone.

Individual Therapy helps people overcome obstacles to their well-being. It can increase positive feelings, such as compassion and self-esteem. People in therapy can learn skills for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions, and reaching goals.

Service Overview

Belen Community Care offer Individual therapy sessions often last from 45 to 60 minutes. All our therapists are accredited CBT therapists and receive clinical supervision to ensure the quality of treatment.

Our center offers individual therapy sessions. The frequency with which the sessions are performed and the time they last depending on many factors, including:

The mental health condition addressed and its severity, the amount of time the person in therapy has had the problem, how much the problem affects daily life, how much distress the problem causes, how fast the therapy improves, financial limitations.

Some concerns can be addressed through short-term therapy for a few weeks. However, chronic or more complex concerns may require long-term treatment. Sometimes, it can take more than a year to achieve remarkable progress. We will provide you with a therapy with which you feel more comfortable and we will facilitate long-term success.

Adult Counseling Walk-in Process

No Appointment Needed

An appointment is not required in order to receive care. For this reason, patients do not have to plan out when they can come in. Simply walk in and you’ll be seen.

Licensed Professionals

Our Professionals offer high-quality care. They are licensed and recognized as reputable members of the health care industry.

Family Member

We feel the best way to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers is to treat each and every one exactly as we would treat a member of our own family.

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Other Services

Since its founding, Belen Community care has been providing its patients with full cognitive behavior therapy, encompassing Anxiety, Sadness, Loneliness, Depression, Group Mental Therapy and Individual Mental therapy.



      We have groups for adults, and our groups are based in proven effective therapies.



      We provide specialized treatment for Sadness, with the skills to assist recovery.



      Our services are delivered by a compassionate and experienced team.

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